Monday, August 29, 2011

First day of 2nd grade. No, I'm not crying. Ok, maybe just a little

Adria had a pretty rough year in 1st grade. Her teacher pretty much phoned it in and I know she really didn't like me. Especially after I wrote a letter to the principal telling them how much I didn't like her! So, that being said, I was super excited after meeting her 2nd grade teacher. I just knew that Adria would really like her. Adria's big plan this morning was to get up, get dressed and get her bookbag. Now, this is not any ordinary book is a Meme original. See, my stepmom makes bags and she made her book bag this year. So after Adria got dressed she came into the bathroom and while she was brushing her hair declared that she was having "a really bad bang day". Once she gets ready, she says to me..."Now, I'm going to get my book bag, go downstairs and get my shoes and then have a banana". She immediately zips downstairs and my first thought bag. Haha! Two seconds later, she comes zipping upstairs...hey, at least she remembered on her own right?

Then we are sitting downstairs waiting to leave the house. We start talking about her friend Drew and how he is starting kindergarden this year. Drew is like the cartoon character Kick Buttowski. It's the only way I can describe him. His mother might say something different :-) Let me put it this way, Drew's goal for the first day of school was to get suspended so he could stay home with his mom! Well, when I mention to Adria that Drew will be on the bus this morning she tells me "That bus driver is going to quit after one day and all because of one little boy"...OH MY GOODNESS!!! That child is something else. So we leave for school and she is all set!

So of course I tell Thad to have her call me when she gets home and I was right! She had an awesome first day. She said her teacher was so nice and she was really happy because she knew four kids in her class. The first thing I asked her was how everything went and she says to me "Well, Drew's plan didn't work out. He was on the bus on the way home today." I said "That's good right?" She said yeah because "He really needs an education" This seemed pretty judgy to me especially since this was her this weekend:

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