Friday, August 12, 2011

A future Project Runway contestant?

Adria is a very unique sense of style. One thing that I have never fought her on is clothing. I believe a kid should have free choice when it comes to what they wear as long as everything is covered where it needs to be covered and it's weather appropriate. Now, some days I start to second guess that decision. And some days I wonder why I didn't think of it first! Here are a few examples.
This is when she was about four and a half. As you can see, she is wearing a crown. This was her princess phase and that crown went everywhere she did and with every outfit.

This is a pizza hat she tried on in a store at the beach. She really wanted this hat, along with a viking hat with built in, blonde braids and a hot dog hat. Being the mean mommy I am, I said no.

We did however buy this pink straw hat. She wanted it "to keep from getting sunburn and so she didn't get any more freckles". Yeah, like THAT'S possible.

As you can see she definitely wears the pink hat. Even if it is inside with her heart pajama bottoms and her Zac Efron tee shirt tucked into her pants like an old man in Florida! It's hard to see here but she also has a gold chain mail clutch to complete the look.

This is her fairy princess look, you know, because it was Tuesday. She had this one on ALL DAY.

This is where the creative part comes in. Adria is wearing an Adria McGarry original tee shirt. She makes a lot of tee shirts and this one is paired with her purple gypsy skirt.

These shoes are a prime example of the regret I mentioned earlier of letting her make her own fashion choices. I loathe these shoes, which of course makes her love them even more. In my opinion they should fall somewhere between Jersey Shore and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding But, hey, she has to wear them!

AAAAND finally, the creme de la creme. Now at first glance this looks like a skirt with a red sweatshirt. But NO!!!!! This is actually a purple dress, with my blue skirt underneath. She finishes the look with her red lifeguard sweatshirt (the obvious choice...duh!) and the pink hat once again. This one might just be my favorite.

Adria sketches clothing desings all the time and begs to have them turned into clothing. Maybe Mimi or Memaw can help her with that! Sewing is NOT my department.

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