Friday, August 26, 2011

Party and chalk people

Adria lives in a neighborhood of boys. Yes, there are little girls but they are mostly younger than she is. And frankly, the girls that live here that ARE her age, well let's just say they don't appreciate someone who is an individual. That is THE nicest way to say that without sounding like I'm bashing a group of 7 year old girls. ANYWHO....I get home from work the other day and Adria has her friend Riley over. We met Riley when we had our wedding reception and and he magically found his way to our house during the s'mores portion. Riley is great and he and Adria get along really, really well. As I'm coming into the house I see that she and Riley drew pictures of themselves on the sidewalk. Here they are side by side for comparison:

Now, if you'll look closely you will notice that Riley's arms are down and Adria's arms are up. When we were looking at them together she says to me...
"We layed on the ground and traced each other. Riley made a normal person. I made a PARTY GIRL...Woo-oot woo-oot!!"

And yes, she was raising the roof.

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