Thursday, August 11, 2011

Senor Bellybutton and vegetarian pork

As I have mentioned previously Adria is a very creative little girl. Being an only child she must find ways to entertain herself and boy does she ever. The other day she comes running up the stairs. "Mommy, do you want to see Senor Bellybutton?" Of course I'm intrigued. Adria pulls up her shirt and on her belly is a full blown face. Eyes, hair, eyelashes and lips are the designs around her bellybutton which is of course...the mouth. By squeezing her belly, she can make Senor Bellybutton talk. Senor Bellybutton begins to sing the ABC's and finishes with a "Thank you, goodnight!" So, last night after her shower, she comes running downstairs and shows me that she was able to get all of the pen off and alas, Senor Bellybutton was no more. I asked her why she scrubbed him off and her reply was...."Because...Senor Bellybutton kept drinking all of my drinks!"

Getting Adria to eat new things is a chore as it is with most children. This weekend we were up in Somerset County for our annual family get together. For dinner my Aunt Maryann brought pork barbeque from Sconyers restaurant in Georgia. I knew Adria wouldn't try it if I told her it was pork, so I asked her if she wanted some chicken for dinner. She said yes. The next day I tell her that mommy tricked her and she in fact was eating pork. She was not very happy with me. So last night, we're in the car and out of nowhere she says.."You know, I'm still really not happy that you told me it was chicken when it was acutally pork. You KNOW I'm a vegetarian when it comes to pork!!!"

Oh, that kid.

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