Wednesday, August 10, 2011


About two years ago someone suggested to me that I write a blog about Adria. Who is Adria you ask? Well, she is my 7 year old daughter. She is quite the individual and makes me and her dad laugh every day. She is smart and goofy and I love her to pieces. She loves to sing and dance and she loves arts and crafts and she really loves to be silly with me. Enough about that though. I think I will dive right in to an Adria story.

Today I got a text from my friend Sam who was watching Adria while her dad was out. The text read "Can Adria call you, she wants to talk to you about a comforter she wants." I said sure and a few minutes later the phone rings and conversation goes like this:

A: Hi Mommy
M: Hi baby, what's up
A: Mommy, I was calling because there is this REALLY pretty comforter I want for my bed and it's really beautiful and I really want it. I think you can get it at Walmart or Target
M: Oh yeah, what kind is it?
A: (pause) It's MY...LITTLE....PONY!
M: Aren't you a little old for My little pony?
A: NOOO Mommy (like I'm a total moron) I watch it every day On Demand or on Netflakes. It comes with sheets too AND a pillow. Can I have it Mommy?
M: We'll see

Now you have to keep in mind these kinds of questions are all of the time. When it's around Christmas time my husband and I are bombarded all day long with pieces of paper that have 800#'s on them for junk she has seen on television. She is a walking info-mercial and even had Happy Feet on her Christmas list! You know, the shower pedicure sanadal? So, I never really wonder where it's coming from.

Well, I begin to look for said comforter and in my searches I discover that even though it was just on a commercial it is nowhere to be found. It's sold out at Walmart, Target AND Amazon. It is available on eBay for $150!!!! I think not. So, I call Adria back.

M: Hey, baby. I tried to look for that comforter for you but it's sold out everywhere and they don't know when they're getting it back.
A: Well, that's probably because My Little Ponies are WAY popular right now.
M: I'm sure...did you want to pick something else out?
A: Yeah! Can I get a new pillow too?
M: Of course

So, it looks like we are comforter shopping this weekend. I'm a little relieved that there isn't any My Little Pony to be had. Let's just hope she doesn't find the Justin Bieber set.

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