Friday, September 30, 2011

It's those outfits again!

Well it is time to revisit Adria's clothes. Let's face it, it's why I started the blog in the first place. So Adria's new thing is to wear stuff underneath stuff. I guess it's not really THAT new but she has taken it to a whole new level. I buy her a lot of leggings. She likes them and they keep her warm. Frankly, I think they look adorable on her. As I have mentioned before she is very fashion forward. At this point what she wears is not accidental. She is definitely making bold choices in the morning. So this was one selection. She had on a red sweatshirt and so I only took a pic of her lower half because frankly it would have burned your eyes....

She has day of the week socks on  but you can't see them

 So that was interesting. But wait, it gets better. This particular outfit I really liked and really wish I had the chutzpah to wear it...

She particularly enjoys shaking her "booty" in this skirt.

This brick red leggings and the purple skirt particularly annoyed my neighbor because "it didn't match"...well, it didn't really but I think it ended up looking very cute on her!

Now, this last one I saved for last for a particular reason. When she came out of her room I had to do a second take. It is...interesting? I'm not sure what to call it...Mormon chic? A style from the book of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? No clue

It just looked so HOT.

Like I've said before, I don't ever tell her what to wear. On this particular morning however, I urged her to maybe pick the jeans OR the skirt. I told her I thought she might be a little warm. "Whatevs, I don't care." This is one look I just could NOT get behind. My friend Lauren asked if I thought a part of it would come off sometime during the school day but sure enough, when I got home from work there is was...full skirt over long jeans. Wowie Zowie.

Monday, September 19, 2011

On the whole I would rather be in Philadelphia - W.C. Fields

This weekend was so much fun! I had previously planned a trip to go visit one of my best friends Meghann. She lives in Norristown with her husband Joe and her two year-old daughter Layla. Meghann and Joe are two of my favorite people on the face of the planet so I was super excited. Also, because I'm a terrible friend I hadn't seen their daughter since she was born so I was excited about that too. Adria was supposed to go away this weekend but things changed and she ended up coming with me so that was great! So we wake up and get ready to go. When Adria packs I always have to double check or else when we get where we're going and she has like 3 Barbie dolls, a single sock, no underpants and some sparkly shoes...and as I'm double checking her suitcase she is getting ready to go. She pops her head out and this is what she is wearing...

I don't have, I'm a little....uh ok.

Note the socks she has on are Cheshire Cat sock/slipper things that she insisted on wearing just for the car ride because shoes were just too complicated.

So we hit the road and of course she has her iPod and her mini DVD player and books and the BOP magazine that just can't travel without. I decided to take the scenic route since well I didn't have money for tolls so that decision was kind of easy. As we're driving I decide to tell Adria about where we're going. I start talking about Benjamin Franklin and the rich history of our state and she says "Mom, do you mind if we finish this a little later, I'm watching something." No, no, no...go right ahead.

Later comes and she says.."Now, tell me about this place we're going". As I start talking about it some more she says "WAIT! PhilaDELphia?!?!?! That is where the PHILLIES ARE!!!" Why, yes...yes they are. "But don't you want to hear about Ben Franklin?"...."Actually mom it's BENJAMIN Franklin. My friend in class was named after him so that's how I know" Riiiiiiiight.

We get to Meg's house and veg for a little bit before heading in to town. We did Old City Hall and Adria got to see the Liberty Bell...well, from outside the building anyway. She took one look at the long line and refused to wait that long. That's my girl. I believe her actual words were ", I am NOT standing in that line."

Adria and Layla

Something else that was really exciting was that we got to see JFLIZZLE!!! My friend Jessie just moved back from LA LA land and is living in Philly. You will note that Jessie does not have to lean down really far to get to Adria's level. I would like to say it is because Adria is so tall...however I don't think that is the case ;-)

Dude! Wrong town

She helped us trek all over Philly (not really but with my boot that is what it felt like) to make sure Adria could get a souvenir to take home. We ended up finding some things but it was after I saw this in the gift shop......

We get back to the house and Megs puts lasagna in for dinner and we sit down and have a lovely meal. I still haven't told Adria there was sausage in her know since she's vegetarian when it comes to pork. I think she'll live. The kids went to bed and Joe and I  had some beers and it was a "mock"tail for Meg since she's in the family way. It was so good to see them all and the visit was way too short. Layla is such a precious little girl and she and Adria got a long great!

It was also very funny because the Barrios' have a third floor with two bedrooms. That is all there is to it, just the two rooms. Adria was up there a TON and I'm pretty sure she was pretending that she had her own apartment. She asked me the previous evening if it was ok that she picked the larger room to sleep in. I told her I didn't care but that I usually slept where she was sleeping to which she replied "Whatevs, it's bigger and I have my own nightlight."

They definitely got to see the real side of Adria as this was how she came down for breakfast.....


Sunday, September 11, 2011

You sirs, are no *NSync

I know this blog is about Adria but I need to take a brief break to tell you about last night. I promise pictures and a funny quote at the end. This post is about what parents go through for their kids. Last night I took Adria to see Big Time Rush. Who is Big Time Rush, you ask? Well, they are a boy band from Nickelodeon and Adria obsessed. So I'm going to start at the beginning.

First things first I have no money. I bought the tickets a while back and when the concert came nearer I realized I wouldn't have any money to actually go to the fair. I told Adria this about a week ago and she was ok with it...until we got there. I go up to the gate to enter and tell them I have tickets and need to get to the grandstand. The woman at the gate replied with, sorry, you still need to pay admission. I tell her I don't have admission and she directs me to another gate. I tell the man at that gate that I don't have admission money and don't know what else to do. I'm pretty sure he took pity on me and my boot. Oh that's right, I have a boot on my foot for my tendinitis. See below...
The boot. I hate it.
So after seeing my boot and of course my daughter's face, he looks at me and says "Enjoy the show". Seriously!!!! He let us in to the fair for free. It renews my faith in humanity. We enter the fair and Adria starts with her oohs and ahhhs. I told her, Adria please stop because we really can't go on any rides. She replies with "Just hit me in the head so I don't remember any of this". Yes, she did. I really can't make this up.

We get in the longest line in the history of the world which takes us by all of the booths and food and other goodies that we can't have. UGH!

We finally get inside the grandstand and look for our seats. Adria wants water. I have $1 on me and water is $3. I tell her I'm sorry but we just can't. We trek up to our nosebleed seats and I manage to dig up $2 more in change so she can have her water. Adria runs down and gets the water and come back and she is super duper excited for the show to start. Just look at her face. At this point I'm thinking, ok we're still going to have a good time.

Total cheesy smile!
 So I had told her when we got there that I had $14 and she may have anything from the merchandise table as long as it's under that. Well, we get to the table and the cheapest t-shirt is $30!!! Are you freaking kidding me! So we're looking at everything else and Adria decides on a $5 glow stick and $5 bag of BTR buttons...WHEW something we can actually get.  We get to the window and it's CASH ONLY! UM's 2011 and I can't use my debit card. And the only ATM is outside of the grandstand and of course once you leave you can't go back in. So thanks to the backwards concert people, my daughter starts to cry. Which let me tell you, made me feel like a total a-hole.

Well, then it's back up the stairs...again... in my boot. And then the show starts.

Our nosebleed seats
At least I THINK the show started. They had the absolute worst sound system ever. It sounded like I stuffed cotton in my ears. I couldn't hear a word they said and I was surrounded by screaming teenage girls. Let me tell you something, they scream at a level only dogs should be able to hear. I don't really know the music, but Adria is singing along to every word. We can hardly see the stage as it is and then this happens...

She was the ONLY one standing. I was so irritated. I already couldn't hear the music and now I couldn't see thteir awful, awful choreography. That's right, I said it. AWFUL choreography. Meanwhile, Adria is getting super grumpy by the minute. She starts to tell me her tummy hurts. Which is Adria for I don't what to be here anymore and frankly, neither did I!!! So I ask her if she wants to leave and she says that she does. So, we decide to leave. I'm ever so grateful she wants to get out of there partly because it was awful and partly because at this point I'm sweating Adam Richman on an episode of Man VS. Food. I felt like I had the beef sweats. It's a real thing, look it up.

So as we're leaving Adria wants ice cream. Frankly, I could go for some too at this point. I walk out into the fair and I just start hoping that the man who let us in for free doesn't see me because I would feel like a total fraud, on top of already feeling like an a boot. So, I see the ice cream booth takes Visa and I'm so relieved. Finally, someone who is in this century. We order our ice cream and I give the girl my card...which doesn't work. So with a line of people behind me I start to panic. She tries to run thing damn thing like 8 times to no avail. I start to plead with her, can I give you a check or something??!! I had a horrible feeling she was going to take away our ice cream and frankly I don't think I would have handled that very well.  I guess she smelled my desperation because she handed me my card and said "Never mind". Ok so this is actually happening? So we go to leave the fair and all of its glory behind. Adria says her ice cream is gross and mine was not much better. I told her to throw it out after all we didn't pay for it or anything. Adria says "yeah! high five for free ice cream" I really didn't feel like high fiving at all. But I did anyway.

We get to the car and get in and I take my boot off to drive. In the car Adria asks me, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a magic water that you could drink and you never had to pee?"  I told her that could never happen because if you drank all of that water and didn't pee you could die. She responds in a quite jaded tone "You just don't understand magic fairytales"

I guess I don't. Now I'm off to go listen to Bye Bye Bye and try to forget last night's humiliation.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More outfits..I don't know where she gets it. It's certainly NOT me!

One of the major reasons I started this blog was because I think my daughter is pretty cool and I wanted to share her with everyone. However, the seed was planted by my neighbors Gina and Lauren. They suggested I start a blog just to showcase Adria's unique sense of style. Then my sister said to take a picture every morning to show off what she's wearing. I don't know that it will be like that but today I couldn't resist. She was Old Hollywood without even knowing what that is. She blows my mind every day.

I asked her to stop so I could take her picture. This is the post I got! On her finger is ring pop lip gloss. It wasn't particularly bright this morning but the sunglasses were a must. The little black jacket has silver studs on it you can't see very well.

So, this was today. There is one outfit in particular though that I have been holding on to just because I wasn't sure where it would or should go. This entry seems apropos. This is what she wore home from my mom's one Sunday morning. We weren't going anywhere or doing anything in particular.

Man what I wouldn't have given when I was her age for a parasol. Actually, I'm totally making that up. I doubt I even knew what one was and if I had I certainly wouldn't have wanted one. It would have gotten in my way. But, not, no, her it was the perfect accessory.

Adria doesn't really know what this blog is all about however my co-worker Beth swears one day Adria will get her revenge. Honestly, I hope she does.