Thursday, September 1, 2011

More outfits..I don't know where she gets it. It's certainly NOT me!

One of the major reasons I started this blog was because I think my daughter is pretty cool and I wanted to share her with everyone. However, the seed was planted by my neighbors Gina and Lauren. They suggested I start a blog just to showcase Adria's unique sense of style. Then my sister said to take a picture every morning to show off what she's wearing. I don't know that it will be like that but today I couldn't resist. She was Old Hollywood without even knowing what that is. She blows my mind every day.

I asked her to stop so I could take her picture. This is the post I got! On her finger is ring pop lip gloss. It wasn't particularly bright this morning but the sunglasses were a must. The little black jacket has silver studs on it you can't see very well.

So, this was today. There is one outfit in particular though that I have been holding on to just because I wasn't sure where it would or should go. This entry seems apropos. This is what she wore home from my mom's one Sunday morning. We weren't going anywhere or doing anything in particular.

Man what I wouldn't have given when I was her age for a parasol. Actually, I'm totally making that up. I doubt I even knew what one was and if I had I certainly wouldn't have wanted one. It would have gotten in my way. But, not, no, her it was the perfect accessory.

Adria doesn't really know what this blog is all about however my co-worker Beth swears one day Adria will get her revenge. Honestly, I hope she does.


Lauren Galli Forry said...

I had a parasol as a kid. It was red and had my name painted on it.

Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! My boyfriend gave me a Japanese parasol in high school and I carried that thing around whenever I went outside to switch buildings. I love this kid.

theCaptain said...

I freaking love her! Don't tell her this, but I miss her, and she's only been back in school for a week!