Monday, September 19, 2011

On the whole I would rather be in Philadelphia - W.C. Fields

This weekend was so much fun! I had previously planned a trip to go visit one of my best friends Meghann. She lives in Norristown with her husband Joe and her two year-old daughter Layla. Meghann and Joe are two of my favorite people on the face of the planet so I was super excited. Also, because I'm a terrible friend I hadn't seen their daughter since she was born so I was excited about that too. Adria was supposed to go away this weekend but things changed and she ended up coming with me so that was great! So we wake up and get ready to go. When Adria packs I always have to double check or else when we get where we're going and she has like 3 Barbie dolls, a single sock, no underpants and some sparkly shoes...and as I'm double checking her suitcase she is getting ready to go. She pops her head out and this is what she is wearing...

I don't have, I'm a little....uh ok.

Note the socks she has on are Cheshire Cat sock/slipper things that she insisted on wearing just for the car ride because shoes were just too complicated.

So we hit the road and of course she has her iPod and her mini DVD player and books and the BOP magazine that just can't travel without. I decided to take the scenic route since well I didn't have money for tolls so that decision was kind of easy. As we're driving I decide to tell Adria about where we're going. I start talking about Benjamin Franklin and the rich history of our state and she says "Mom, do you mind if we finish this a little later, I'm watching something." No, no, no...go right ahead.

Later comes and she says.."Now, tell me about this place we're going". As I start talking about it some more she says "WAIT! PhilaDELphia?!?!?! That is where the PHILLIES ARE!!!" Why, yes...yes they are. "But don't you want to hear about Ben Franklin?"...."Actually mom it's BENJAMIN Franklin. My friend in class was named after him so that's how I know" Riiiiiiiight.

We get to Meg's house and veg for a little bit before heading in to town. We did Old City Hall and Adria got to see the Liberty Bell...well, from outside the building anyway. She took one look at the long line and refused to wait that long. That's my girl. I believe her actual words were ", I am NOT standing in that line."

Adria and Layla

Something else that was really exciting was that we got to see JFLIZZLE!!! My friend Jessie just moved back from LA LA land and is living in Philly. You will note that Jessie does not have to lean down really far to get to Adria's level. I would like to say it is because Adria is so tall...however I don't think that is the case ;-)

Dude! Wrong town

She helped us trek all over Philly (not really but with my boot that is what it felt like) to make sure Adria could get a souvenir to take home. We ended up finding some things but it was after I saw this in the gift shop......

We get back to the house and Megs puts lasagna in for dinner and we sit down and have a lovely meal. I still haven't told Adria there was sausage in her know since she's vegetarian when it comes to pork. I think she'll live. The kids went to bed and Joe and I  had some beers and it was a "mock"tail for Meg since she's in the family way. It was so good to see them all and the visit was way too short. Layla is such a precious little girl and she and Adria got a long great!

It was also very funny because the Barrios' have a third floor with two bedrooms. That is all there is to it, just the two rooms. Adria was up there a TON and I'm pretty sure she was pretending that she had her own apartment. She asked me the previous evening if it was ok that she picked the larger room to sleep in. I told her I didn't care but that I usually slept where she was sleeping to which she replied "Whatevs, it's bigger and I have my own nightlight."

They definitely got to see the real side of Adria as this was how she came down for breakfast.....



Stacie Johnsen said...

Whatevs. Wow, I wonder where she gets THAT? I love your kid too. She's a stitch.

Limbic Resonance said...

I want that hat.