Sunday, September 11, 2011

You sirs, are no *NSync

I know this blog is about Adria but I need to take a brief break to tell you about last night. I promise pictures and a funny quote at the end. This post is about what parents go through for their kids. Last night I took Adria to see Big Time Rush. Who is Big Time Rush, you ask? Well, they are a boy band from Nickelodeon and Adria obsessed. So I'm going to start at the beginning.

First things first I have no money. I bought the tickets a while back and when the concert came nearer I realized I wouldn't have any money to actually go to the fair. I told Adria this about a week ago and she was ok with it...until we got there. I go up to the gate to enter and tell them I have tickets and need to get to the grandstand. The woman at the gate replied with, sorry, you still need to pay admission. I tell her I don't have admission and she directs me to another gate. I tell the man at that gate that I don't have admission money and don't know what else to do. I'm pretty sure he took pity on me and my boot. Oh that's right, I have a boot on my foot for my tendinitis. See below...
The boot. I hate it.
So after seeing my boot and of course my daughter's face, he looks at me and says "Enjoy the show". Seriously!!!! He let us in to the fair for free. It renews my faith in humanity. We enter the fair and Adria starts with her oohs and ahhhs. I told her, Adria please stop because we really can't go on any rides. She replies with "Just hit me in the head so I don't remember any of this". Yes, she did. I really can't make this up.

We get in the longest line in the history of the world which takes us by all of the booths and food and other goodies that we can't have. UGH!

We finally get inside the grandstand and look for our seats. Adria wants water. I have $1 on me and water is $3. I tell her I'm sorry but we just can't. We trek up to our nosebleed seats and I manage to dig up $2 more in change so she can have her water. Adria runs down and gets the water and come back and she is super duper excited for the show to start. Just look at her face. At this point I'm thinking, ok we're still going to have a good time.

Total cheesy smile!
 So I had told her when we got there that I had $14 and she may have anything from the merchandise table as long as it's under that. Well, we get to the table and the cheapest t-shirt is $30!!! Are you freaking kidding me! So we're looking at everything else and Adria decides on a $5 glow stick and $5 bag of BTR buttons...WHEW something we can actually get.  We get to the window and it's CASH ONLY! UM's 2011 and I can't use my debit card. And the only ATM is outside of the grandstand and of course once you leave you can't go back in. So thanks to the backwards concert people, my daughter starts to cry. Which let me tell you, made me feel like a total a-hole.

Well, then it's back up the stairs...again... in my boot. And then the show starts.

Our nosebleed seats
At least I THINK the show started. They had the absolute worst sound system ever. It sounded like I stuffed cotton in my ears. I couldn't hear a word they said and I was surrounded by screaming teenage girls. Let me tell you something, they scream at a level only dogs should be able to hear. I don't really know the music, but Adria is singing along to every word. We can hardly see the stage as it is and then this happens...

She was the ONLY one standing. I was so irritated. I already couldn't hear the music and now I couldn't see thteir awful, awful choreography. That's right, I said it. AWFUL choreography. Meanwhile, Adria is getting super grumpy by the minute. She starts to tell me her tummy hurts. Which is Adria for I don't what to be here anymore and frankly, neither did I!!! So I ask her if she wants to leave and she says that she does. So, we decide to leave. I'm ever so grateful she wants to get out of there partly because it was awful and partly because at this point I'm sweating Adam Richman on an episode of Man VS. Food. I felt like I had the beef sweats. It's a real thing, look it up.

So as we're leaving Adria wants ice cream. Frankly, I could go for some too at this point. I walk out into the fair and I just start hoping that the man who let us in for free doesn't see me because I would feel like a total fraud, on top of already feeling like an a boot. So, I see the ice cream booth takes Visa and I'm so relieved. Finally, someone who is in this century. We order our ice cream and I give the girl my card...which doesn't work. So with a line of people behind me I start to panic. She tries to run thing damn thing like 8 times to no avail. I start to plead with her, can I give you a check or something??!! I had a horrible feeling she was going to take away our ice cream and frankly I don't think I would have handled that very well.  I guess she smelled my desperation because she handed me my card and said "Never mind". Ok so this is actually happening? So we go to leave the fair and all of its glory behind. Adria says her ice cream is gross and mine was not much better. I told her to throw it out after all we didn't pay for it or anything. Adria says "yeah! high five for free ice cream" I really didn't feel like high fiving at all. But I did anyway.

We get to the car and get in and I take my boot off to drive. In the car Adria asks me, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a magic water that you could drink and you never had to pee?"  I told her that could never happen because if you drank all of that water and didn't pee you could die. She responds in a quite jaded tone "You just don't understand magic fairytales"

I guess I don't. Now I'm off to go listen to Bye Bye Bye and try to forget last night's humiliation.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why my parents only took me to one teeny bopper concert when I was a kid. Yikes. You should have clubbed that little bitch over the head with your boot. And what the hell is she wearing anyway?

Bryden78 said...

She was wearing a homemade shirt and was a HUGE fan and the worst dancer ever