Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love the 80's...Adria? Not so much

So last night we were carving our pumpkin. You will get to see that in a future post. This post has more to do with the hilarity that is Adria. So Thad has a music video channel on and Olivia Newton John's video for Physical comes on....

Adria: Is that an ACTUAL exercise show?

Thad and I (laughing):

Thad: This is what music videos looked like in the 80's

Adria: MAN! You guys must have been miserable!

I did not bother to try and explain that we didn't know any better because Thad and I were too busy howling with laughter.

Also, I cannot figure out where to show you all this picture so since Physical was about exercise (ok, not really) and this is exercise too (ok, not really)


Anonymous said...

dang it. I love the 80's too. It's my time.... now I feel so miserable. :(

Gina DiStefano said...

That ain't right...
As I have always thought Adria would go into acting I will say that she has a back-up career with Cirque de Soleil.

Bryden78 said...

As long as she stays bendy!

Anonymous said...

I see Mario in the background. Does Adria know how miserably old that is?

Bryden78 said...

If it were hers I would point it out!