Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My daughter is a little twisted. How did that ever happen?!

So I wasn't sure how to go about telling this story. So I guess I'll dive right in. My daughter has an amazing imagination. As you can see from previous tales, it is also a bit twisted. I know this is my fault and I'm prepared to take responsibility. I mean I realize that watching Poltergeist with your 7 year-old is not the typical movie night. But honestly it is when I started watching horror movies too. And the best part was that she wasn't even fazed. This is the movie that scarred me for the rest of my life. I am forever terrified of clowns because of Poltergeist...but I digress.

So Adria was with Memaw and Pop Pop for their usual weekend and I guess Memaw had a family reunion. Apparently there were all kinds of fun stuff for the kids including face painting. Now any other kid would want animals, balloons, flowers, butterflies and the like...right? Not Adria.

Here is the first one. It's a lovely black heart with flames, a lightning bolt, and a guitar. Not too bad I suppose.

 Next we have a lovely black snake. Are we looking at a future with a biker gang? I hope not. I'm just relieved it doesn't say MOM!

 This is the same arm...a BLACK rose on the arm with a BLACK snake. Are you sensing a theme?

Eyeballs. Eyeballs? EYEBALLS?!?!?!??!

 This child really makes me wonder sometimes. At what point do you say to yourself "Ya know, eyeballs are an AMAZING idea.  Please paint them on me".

Moving on, this next one I don't really have words for. She showed it to me and I thought OK scissors and a red circle...awesome. Don't get it, but awesome.

That is not a red, no, no. It is a TONGUE! Who wants a tongue painted on their person!!! MY daughter that's who. So bizarre.

And last but not least I'm not really sure what to make of this one. Let's face it, I didn't know what to make of most of them. But this one was....

She like a Dalmation from the Spanish inqusition with a talking shark and scars like Frankenstein's monster. I really have no idea.

So when she came home like this I was quite amused. And I thought "How much of this was Adria and how much input was from the face painter"? Well my thought was answered a few weeks later. We stopped in to get ice cream at Rakestraw's. Adria is of course hoppin' and boppin' around the shop and the girl scooping ice cream says to me "Hey! Weren't you at the so and so reunion?" and I had zero idea what she was talking about. I told her I didn't think so and she looked at Adria and said "yeah, that was definitely her face that I was painting". I finally realized she was talking about and told her that I wasn't there but Adria definitely was. She looks at me and just said "That was ALL her by the way. I had nothing to do with her face painting choices".

I don't doubt that at all.

I will leave you with this picture also...she is convinced that her armpits are well...I'll let you decide...

Yeah, so there's that.