Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Halloween...a little late, but who cares

If anyone knows me at all, they know how much I worship Halloween. In my house it is close to a religion. No, I'm not a witch but what if I were!? But, I digress. This is starting to turn into a big deal for Adria too. There is NO denying she is my kid! I was so excited this year that she wanted to make her costume instead of ordering it online. Last year I was crushed when she wanted to be Hannah Montana but of course in the spirit of things...I let her be whatever she wanted to be. I ALMOST convinced her to be "dead Hannah" but at the last minute she changed her mind.

But first things we are carving the pumpkin and of course the finished product...all designed by Adria.

Next of course we had to make her costume. Well, I should say her first costume. That's right people, this year she had 3!!!! THREE COSTUMES!!! What the....
Ok, let me explain the first costume you're going to see is her trick or treat costume. I've heard rumblings that this was horrible and I should never have let her dress up this way....too bad, so sad. I thought it turned out AMAZINGLY!!!!

 We started with a dress from the Salvation Army, we made mud and Adria went to town. As you can see from her face she was having a GREAT time!!!

Ok, so if you haven't guessed by now, or haven't seen the Facebook picture, Adria decided to be a zombie this year. More specifically a zombie bride. Here is the final product.

How freaking AWESOME does she look. She scared the pants off of some kids (and parents too I might add). My heart just swelled with pride.

Ok onto costume number two. I am still flummoxed at this but Adria's school does not allow a Halloween party. It's called the Book Bash! (lamesauce) Not that books are lame, but a lack of a Halloween party is. You're not even allowed to bring in cupcakes for the kids' birthdays. But that is a whole other rant. Ok, so Book Bash, you must dress up as a character from a book and do a book report on it. Adria did not understand why I found this costume so funny but she loved it! Some of you may not know what it is and that's okay. There are a whole series of Mister and Little Miss books. Adria went as....

How apropos you say? Indeed don't I know it. I still wonder how she doesn't suffer from any permanent brain damage as there is NO WAY she gets enough oxygen to her brain the way she talks.

And finally, Thad's parents were taking her to a church Halloween party. See people, church Halloween but no school Halloween?!?!?! What the H E double hockey sticks? Again, I'm digressing. Church...ok, go. So she tells me she wants to be a French Girl for the party. I asked what exactly that meant. Her response was "You know, wear all black, wear beads and say French words". Duh, mom. You're a complete idiot. Then she comes down in this instead...

At this point I was just glad she was dressed at all since they were coming in minutes. So we decided to come up with something based on how she was dressed....are you ready? wait for's totally worth it....she was an...


Her dad and I both said "Oh well...she'll have fun anyway." and lo and behold she comes home with a PRIZE. She won a prize for her costume. I couldn't believe it!

Like mother, like daughter