Friday, December 16, 2011

No, I'm serious. Where does she get this stuff!

So yesterday was a veritable cornucopia of Adria-isms. At one point I almost had to pull over from laughing. It is times like these where I'm so glad I keep this blog going because this shit is permanent.

So last night we're at Jojo's in Mechanicsburg...which has AWESOME food. Mimi had to work so it was just me, my dad, and Adria. As we're getting ready to leave she asks my dad for a bunny. Dad, in his adorable cluelessness starts looking around for this so called bunny. He doesn't realize that she's asking for an actual pet, not a vending machine rabbit. He of course says no, and then tells her that she already has two cats.

A:"We can get rid of one!"
Me: "How would you like it if we got rid of you?"
A: "I'm your family!"
Me: "The cats are family!"
A: "They're rude to me"

Sure, the cats are rude to you. It has absolutely nothing to do with the torture you put them through. Speaking of rude, YOU are the one that won't let them in your room. Maybe their feelings are hurt.

So then she overhears me tell my siste that she may get to go to Girl Scout camp this year. She got very excited but I told her it was a week away from home...overnight. Her response was "so?". I asked her if she was ready. It is a whole week away from Mommy. This pretty much summed up that it is in fact I who is not ready. Her response was...

"We've been apart for that long before. We were apart from...oh I don't know...the beginning of TIME until 2003".

I couldn't really argue with that. I was not about to try and explain awareness to my daughter.

And finally, we're in the car on the way home and we pass what Adria calls the "bleeding house" . It is a HUGE white farmhouse with all red lit candles in the windows. She loves it. As we're turning into our development I saw another house with all red candles in their windows and pointed it out to her....

"Now...that's just CREEPY bro."

Yes, she used the word.....bro. That was where I almost had to pull the car over.

She also said that she should use the bathroom first because "Children's butts are more important than adult butts"

She also told me she told her class I was a professional wrestler and then she laughed like a mad-woman. Then just said...."No...I didn't"

I...I, just.....I don't know. She was on some kind of roll!

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