Thursday, December 1, 2011

November was BUSY!!!!!

Ok so here it is, December 1st, and I'm just getting around to writing about two things. This will be a long post so bear with me. First and foremost my baby girl turned 8 on November 13th. I still can't believe it. Sticking with tradition in my family, her gift this year was to get her ears pierced. So on her actual birthday we went to Claire's and got them pierced.
As you can see, she is super nervous. She was totally excited until this very moment. Then she got really nervous. She did pretty well. Only one or two tears. She of course used this pain to try and con us into a whole lot of Justin Bieber paraphernalia. It didn't work.
So here is a side view of her ear. Let's be honest, we can really fit both of them into one frame. (I am the meanest mother on the face of the Earth. Oh wait, no...that would be MY mother who said on the day of her birth we would need to save money for ear surgery)
This is her present from Aunt Meaghan. She wears this sweatshirt all the time now. I feel like the sweatshirt should be a good substitute for the actual game so she doesn't steal my phone anymore...but alas, it is not.

So on the Friday before her birthday, I took Adria and her BFF Paige to the movies and then out to dinner for pizza. It had been a year since these two had seen each other. It absolutely amazes me how smart these two kids are and it is such a joy to spend time with them. Here they are at dinner...just look at how excited they are.....
This was so fun. We went to see Jack & Jill (which I totally loved) and then to Pizza Hut. Paige gave Adria some fabric markers and these blank tote bags. So the girls decided they would each decorate one sand give it to the other girl. I'm not lying here...these two did not make a peep for like 45 minutes except to compare notes.
Look at that!!! Girls...THERE ARE BREADSTICKS IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! No? Ok then, I shall eat them. You snooze you lose...and so does my butt. Oy.

On to acting. Adria takes theater classes at Open Stage of Harrisburg. She totally loves it and I love that she loves it. She is destined to outshine us all. Well at the end of her class, the girls put on a play. This play was written by all of them. It was titled "My Thanksgiving Horror". I was quite amused by the title. Adria played Flurkey the turkey. Flurkey's best friend was Crow and together they stole the Thanksgiving turkey from the Pilgrims to teach them a valuable lesson. That lesson is, you kill and eat turkeys...birds get pissed.

Here you will see Flurkey and Crow conspiring to steal the Pilgrim's turkey. The unsuspecting Pilgrims are in the background. They just have no idea.
This part CRACKED ME Flurkey is having a, let's say discussion with herself. It was more of a rant...Adria was walking around this table, flapping her arms and saying "Who do they think they are, they think they can just come in here and eat all of my friends...etc etc" I was howling (alone as usual)

Here is the whole class posing. And on the right are Flurkey and Crow. According to her teacher, these two had the best imaginations in the whole class. (Shocking, I know).

So there is our November. It was crazy busy and I'm sure December will be too. I'm going to leave you with some Adria sarcasm. This was a conversation between her dad and her while watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving...

Thad: The good thing about these cartoons Adria is that the stuff that happens to them here can actually happen in real life.

Adria (DUH-RIPPING with sarcasm): You dogs playing ping pong?

Mom: Hahahahahaa!!!!!

Hope everyone's turkey day was awesome and Christmas is even better!


Lauren Galli Forry said...

otoplasty is pretty expensive...her head will grow into her ears.

Andrea said...

Always, always enjoy your blog! Thanks!

Auntie M said...

You have no idea how welcome these are! Always a fun break from work. Love to you all!!!