Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You better WERK!

It is that time again ladies and gents (At least, I think some dudes read this). It is time for Fashion: Adria style. I have stock piled a few this time around and am super excited to share with you all. Here we go!


Jeans, jean overalls and "FUGGS"
I thought maybe a little bit of denim overload. Obviously, lost that fight.


My friend Stacie will troll Salval for Adria every once in a while. This outfit comes entirely from the donations. Thanks Stacie!!!! (Notice the fifth position of the feet. And she scoffs at dancing? *SIGH*)


Once again, this top is from Stacie. I LOVE this picture. Adria loves this top. It's a win-win!


Ok, so I signed up for a website called ThredUP. It's a clothing recycling website where you can trade clothes. It's pretty awesome. The High School Musical shirt came from there. The skirt is from...STACIE!!! She wears it ALL the time. This look is complete with striped hurts my eyes just a tad.


Um, this one speaks for itself. (I would totally wear this) The hair piece is from my beautiful friend Cat. She made it. Cool right?! And the top...from...STACIE!!! Are you sensing a theme?


The dress: Memaw and Pop Pop
The tights: Mommy and Daddy
The fingerless gloves: The 80's!!!!
She begged for these gloves. Thank you Disney Channel

So there you have it! This child will wear anything with anything. Chances are if I were to try it...I would fail miserably. Somehow this works for her and I absolutely LOVE IT. I will close with an Adria quote

"Pepto Bismol tastes like asparagus and pudding had a baby"

I laugh...a lot.


Gina DiStefano said...

My favorites are #3 because that shirt rocks and #5 because anything 80's is da bomb.

Btw, I happen to love the taste of Pepto!! It reminds of Necco Wafers!

Gina DiStefano said...

Make that #6 with the 80's gloves!!

Limbic Resonance said...

I want Adria to design outfits for me. One, because it would be fun and two, I can only imagine the comments at work. She's awesome. Also, with that 5th position and those legs, tell her it's killing me she doesn't dance! :)

Bryden78 said...

You're the sewer! She would do it in a minute! hahaha!

Bryden78 said...

I guess seamstress would be a better word! :-)

Andrea said...

It's cold and grey outside and I feel tired and grouchy! Suddenly - I'm smiling! Thanks Adria, Thanks Bryden