Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm so sorry!!

I have had several people ask when a new entry is coming. We have been crazed and Adria has been super sick so I apologize for the delay. Also, today she decided to act like a little monster and get grounded, so I thought it would be nice to write positive things about her since I'm so angry right now ;-) So, the holidays came and went with relative peace this year. That is so good. Normally, I loathe the holidays because it is such a stressful time. This year though, I had lots of help from some really good friends and I managed to have everything ready for Christmas by the middle of November.

First things first. I had gotten her the Barbie camper for Christmas. I ordered it from Amazon at an AMAZING price. This was to be one of her "big" gifts. I don't know if you order from Amazon or not but usually it comes in an Amazon box. You all know the box I'm talking about...plain, unmarked, with the Amazon swoosh on the side? I never bothered having anything shipped anywhere else because it was a very non-descript box. So I get home from work and Adria says to me "Mommy, something came for you today. What is it?" So as I'm thinking of something to say I come around the corner and see...


I was literally dumbstruck. I absolutely could not believe it. Now, the box that came to my house said BARBIE CAMPER in huge letters on the side. But other than that, this box is exactly the same! Of course Adria is in 2nd grade and she CAN READ!!! The sweet girl was trying so hard to pretend she didn't know what it said. I calmly looked at her and said "well, it was supposed to be for Christmas morning". I of course let her open it. I mean, what kind of monster says you can't open it until Christmas morning. Not to mention, I was not real swift on my feet either...I could not think of a decent lie. Needless to say I was the best mom in the world for about a week. HA! Take THAT Santa.

Next on the list was the Christmas tree. Every year it is Adria's job to pick out the tree. She usually does a very good job (except last year when we didn't realize the tree trunk was roughly a 45 degree angle). We always buy the tree from the scouts. I think it's an awesome organization and I support them every year. We pull in to the tree lot and there is a little boy dancing and trying to get people to come in and buy. Adria cannot take her eyes off of him. I asked her if she thought he was cute. I do this for my own amusement. She of course shrieks "NO! He's silly!" hehehe. So we get the tree home and I was very please with how it turned out. We got it up and decorated it the next day.

Oh! I almost forgot. It was cold that day so we got some hot chocolate from Starbucks. While we're in the car Adria asks me to take her picture. She does this all the time but this time...she was posing. (Shocking, I know)....

Such a diva

So the next step in our Christmas process are scones. The scones that we make are not traditional English scones. They are actually called Welsh cakes but whatever. They are delicious and a GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE ASS! They take precise measurements, except the part where it says add buttermilk "until it's right". So Adria decides she wants to help me.

I would like you all to know that this picture is totally faked and posed. She helped me for about 32 seconds before she got bored and left to go do something else.

In these days leading up to Christmas my friend Emily and I decided to get together and take Adria to Chocolate World. It's such an awesome place when you're broke! Haahaa. We did the free ride and whatnot. Adria slept the whole way there. Woke up long enough to pose...again, shocking, I know.

In case you're wondering, yes that is a Santa hat headband, fingerless gloves, et al.

Like my fat blocking move? That's right, she's a shield. A shield for fat pictures.
We had an awesome time and decide that we're going to grab a bite to eat. Adria sleeps the whole way back from Chocolate world. M, Adria and I end up at the Hi-Life diner in Camp Hill. Great food by the way! I order Adria a grilled cheese and she does this...

She flat out falls asleep in the booth. I ask her if she wants to try her food. It's a no go! So we're paying for our bill and suddenly from behind I hear.."Mommy, I don't feel good". I ask her if she's going to get sick and she nods and I just yell.."Run, Adria, run like the wind!"
M, being the great friend that she is follows closely behind. Adria got sick. It was pretty ugly. Poor thing, no wonder she was sleeping! She's been so sick but that's another post all together.

The holidays are quickly approaching at this point and Friday before the big day my sister comes home! YAY SISTER!!!! And this crazy person wants to go shopping..the Friday before Christmas. I really didn't want to go but she promised to buy me OK, twist my arm!

We go to the Colonial Park mall and are having a really good time. We stop in at Journey's and Adria sees this hat that she absolutely must have...

Are you starting to sense a theme. This child can lay down and sleep anywhere especially when she doesn't feel good!!! So next it's time for Claire's.

I don't know if you've ever taken an 8 year old to Claire's but it is NOT fun. My sister swears she will never do it again. See, she wanted to get her new earrings. But did Adria want new earrings? No. She wanted the Justin Bieber lip gloss, or the box to hold the non-existent earrings. Let me just tell you this child has more lip gloss than Kim Kardashian and enough "storage boxes" to last her an eternity and then some. So here we are in Claire's trying to reason with an 8 year old girl about why she doesn't need anything Justin Bieber. Yeah, good luck with THAT. So begrudgingly she picks out a sheet of earrings. Meanwhile in between all of this Meaghan and I are having a blast trying stuff on and so is Adria.
Such a beautiful, sequined, reindeer mask. Why!? Why do you need something like this!?

This majestic fox hat was exactly what we needed to laugh until we almost we ourselves in the middle of the Claire's.
That was a mix of fun and not so fun. But Meg and I always have a good time. She likes to spend money, I like to take stuff from her. It's win-win really.

So this ends Christmas part 1. There is just too much to talk about so I will have another post soon! I will leave you with this...

Oh this child.


kennyb545 said...

Yeah Bryden - I love your I always love your posts. You guys are such a trip...I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

Omg this just made my day. I want to be this child's grandma!!!!!

Bryden78 said...

Thanks! I'm glad you all love it. I think my mom might have an issue with that though!!! hahaha!

Gina DiStefano said...

I love the pictures!! I suck at taking pictures at opportune moments! Good job!

Bryden78 said...

I need to know who Anonymous is...that makes me nuts! In a good a way of course. Gina I've gotten exceptionally good at it since starting this blog.

Anonymous said...

I like shopping with my seester too! Love you guys! Auntie M

Andrea said...

Your posts ALWAYS make me laugh! Love Adria - Love you!