Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adria and Black History Month

There are times when I think I've heard it all from my daughter. And then I realize that is not possible. And then there are some times, like these, that I love her so much my heart could explode. And I realize that maybe I'm not screwing her up as much as I think I am.

Everyone knows that February is Black History Month. I won't go into how ridiculous I think this is...because frankly, it should all just be history, but I digress. I'm starting to realize that Adria must be studying Black History Month in school because she is seemingly obsessed with African American people of late. Recently my friend Jeremy (who is black incidentally) told me that he is convinced that Adria herself is, in fact, black. His theory stems from the fact that she wants matching headphones for all of her outfits. I find this to be hilariously funny.

This year Adria has been watching American Idol with me. That in itself is a whole other blog post, but the other night we were watching it and it was group night. As the contestants were getting their groups together, there was one group that was entirely black. Adria of course notices this and says..."That group is ALL black people". I froze. What in the world could she possibly say next?

"That's COOL!"

I was so relieved. Not that I really expected anything bad, you just never know!

So the other night, she comes into the living room and says...

"I wrote my friend Nevin a letter wishing him a Happy Black History Month. You know...because he's black"

It took every ounce of self-control that I had to keep my stuff together. After she left the room Thad and I completely lost it. Streaming tears and all. I don't like to laugh when she does things like this because I don't want her to think it's bad or that she did something wrong. This was just too precious and so sweet. Here is the letter...

My first thought was of course, should she give it to him. I know they're 8 and most kids don't have a malicious bone in their body, but I didn't want Nevin's parents to think she was being mean or making fun. So I turned to my friend Jeremy, the one who is already convinced that Adria is black, and told him about the letter and I said sweet? or racist? His response was "This is proof.  She's definitely a negro."

So there you have it. Happy Black History Month!!!

Oh yeah and Happy V.D.!

Look how grown up- I hate it


Erica said...

HILARIOUS! Adria should be the poster child for the expression, "Out of the mouths of babes"! ;-)

Soybeanqueen said...

Bryden, i am being totally 100% serious. You need to write a book about this child. People will buy it. you are an amazing writer, and she is a most endearing adorable and hilarious subject matter. I am not joking when i say that i feel in my heart there is a Novel within you waiting to come out about Adria McGarry. She is too much.

Gina DiStefano said...

Hilarious! I would like to put my order in for a note honoring Columbus Day. Thanks.
P.S. She really does look grown up in the picture! Like a quirky little secretary! So cute!