Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Car conversations with Adria

I love being in the car with Adria. Well, most of the time anyway. It is these times when she says some of her funniest stuff. Here are a few that have happened recently that really just cracked me up.

We're driving on Rte. 15 through Camp Hill. We're riding beside a man who has his iPod earbuds in.

A: Mommy! Did you SEE what that man was doing?!!!

(I was slightly scared at this one because for some reason people think they're invisible while driving0

M: No, baby. What was he doing?
A: He was making the rock and roll sign with his hands and banging his head. I think he was listening to rock and roll and not paying attention to what he was doing. (very judgy, this one) I dont' think everyone does that.

Of course I have since proved this wrong. There is nothing more humiliating to an 8 year-old girl that when her Mommy is car dancing...which let's be honest, happens quite frequently.

This one I just thought was adorable
A: When I see Miss Blauch (her teacher) I'm going to give her the death grip. Don't worry though Mommy, it will be like a mini-death grip, which is just a tight hug.

Again, driving on Rte. 15 on the way to her theater class.

A: There's this boy in my class and I think he's scared of me.
M: Why would he be scared of you.
A: Because I freak him out.
M: You freak him out?
A: Yes, see his neighborhood is having a kick ball tournament. And I've been training him. So at recess he gets out the stilts.
M: Stilts? You have stilts at school?
A: Yeah, not the Chinese kind of stilts but the the square ones. You know like the shape? And when he's on them I yell "GO FASTER, STAY IN THE LINES" only louder than that. I don't want to hurt your ears.
M: So you're like his coach?
A: Yeah, like a wrestling coach.

I'm not sure what the difference is between square stilts and Chinese stilts. I'm still waiting to find out  about that.

This next conversation happened again on the way to theater class, are you seeing a theme here?

A: There's a boy in my class and he keeps writing me love notes. But he's a nerd.
M: Adria, nerds are where it's at. You should remember that.
A: No, not THAT kind of nerd...he has asthma.
Then she proceeds to demonstrate the noises me makes. Which, let me tell you, were pretty gross. And I'm sure a gross exaggeration. (see what I did there? I'm so punny)

I fail to see the logic in that one.

Just your typical Saturday morning

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