Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Self promotion yet again

I know you're all probably looking for a new story...I have one and it's a DOOZY but first I wanted to take an opportunity to say.....WE WON THAD'S DISABILITY CASE!!!!

For those of you in the know, please bear with me. For those of you who don' is a brief synopsis. Thad is in a wheelchair, he has been in a wheelchair now for roughly a year. He will not be walking anytime soon and the government in their infinite wisdom declared that Thad was indeed NOT disabled and we have been fighting this now for a year and a half.

Yesterday we found out that we won our appeal. What does this mean for our family? It means we're not going to lose our home. It means that I don't have to pick between food and bills. It means that we can finally do everything we've wanted to do. And I'm not talking about vacations and spending large...I'm talking about family movie night out at the theater. Or going out to a nice meal every once in a while. This means that yes Adria, you MAY have that new doll.

I just want to say thank you for everything you have all done for me. It means the world to me and restores faith in least until someone else irritates me!