Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lessons in stereotypes

I know a lot of times I sound like a broken record. However, as long as Adria keeps saying the stuff that she says...well, I'll say it again. The child made me laugh so hard I almost wrecked my car.

Most of the funny stuff that she says happens while we are driving, see Car Conversations with Adria.

So last night we're in the car on the way home from rehearsal. (she is currently starring in Faery Free-for-all at the Little Theater of Mechanicsburg, info to follow) And of course the topic of Madagascar 3 comes up. If you haven't seen the promo...this is what we were talkng about.

Anyway, she says to me:

"Mommy, when you listen to Marty sing the afro circus song, you can tell that he's black"

"What do you mean you can tell he's black? You mean, you can tell by his voice?"


"How can you tell from his voice that he's black?"

"Because!....he's so....funny and SASSY"

"Are you saying black people are sassy?"

"Well yeah...sometimes they say MMM..HM!"

I wish that I could somehow convey the to you in a way that you would understand....

OH WAIT!!!!!!!

Adria had the head action going and everything.

Once I stopped laughing, straightened out my car and caught my breath....I explained to her that she can't judge an entire group of people by what she sees on television because most of it is not accurate.

She seemed very upset that not all black people are sassy. I guess we win some and we lose some.

( for tickets to Faery Free-for-all only $8!)