Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A few months back I posted some pictures in a blog of Adria and her awesome outfits. One particular picture prompted my good friend Stacie to email me and tell me that Adria needed a training bra.

I vehemently denied this and convinced myself that they were just shadows. Little boobie shaped shadows.

Two weekends ago we were in Somerset, PA for our annual family reunion. Adria was running all over the place playing with the other kids. And I glance over while she is running around and realize there is movement under her shirt. The shadows were moving!!!!!!!!

I finally crawled out from my tent of denial and realized they were NOT shadows and that my baby girl was getting boobs!

What the HELL?!

So we are at Target and in the girls section and we find the training bras. However they are not called training bras, no. They are called Bralettes.

I don't know how but this makes it worse somehow. Bralette. Bralette. Say it enough and it completely loses meaning. Bralette.

So there I am in the middle of Target, crying, while my daughter is fawning all over the place. OOOOH I love this one it's soo pretty!!!!

I manage to get myself together. I honestly felt like I was watching another person pick out a Bralette. Not my baby girl. Except that now, she's not a baby. GAH! When did that happen! I think it's really wrong that I was purchasing a bra and a Tweetie Bird nightgown for the same child.

Later that night we went out to eat. I told Adria to go upstairs and get dressed. She comes down in an adorable outfit, white t-shirt, and her bralette. Now when we got back from the store she didn't want to show her dad what we had purchased and I told him about it but we really didn't go into great length about it.

Adria walks by her dad and clearly she has on her bralette and his jaw fell into his lap. He did about a triple take as she walked by. Points and just grunts..and I look at him and nod.

Yup, that's exactly what you think it is.

Is this what's next?!?!?


Andrea said...

Another priceless story!!!! Loved it - love you both!

Mama2xboys said...

Try going to the sporting goods store with your 10 yr old to pick out a cup and jock strap that he is required to have to play baseball! Having kids is definately fun times! LOL

Gina D said...

Ready or not, here they come!