Friday, December 7, 2012

Wintertime fun...a little early

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love winter...but I HATE snow. If I have to deal with the snow, I would like it to shut everything down. Anything less than that is just super annoying. I never enjoyed sledding because all you got was a chapped hiney. SO...I was the kid inside by the fire, reading a book. Shocking I know.

Adria on the other hand....LOVES the snow. And she loves to play in the snow. And she REALLY loves building things in the snow. Last week we got around 2 inches and when I got home from work she came running up to me.

"Mommy, mommy! You have to come see what I built!"

So I'm thinking snow angel, snow man or woman...let's be P.C. here. Boy was I WAY off.

My daughter built....a freaking snow living room!!!!!! Complete with sofa, end table, television and remote.

Repeat...snow sofa, snow end table, snow television and SNOW REMOTE!!!!!

Doesn't she look cozy?
Here you can sort of see the remote.
I wonder what's on?
So there it is. Snow living room, complete with accent lamp. I really wonder about this kid sometimes. I was never this creative. She continues to amaze!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Let's hope Adria uses her creativity for good because if she uses it for evil, we're all in trouble! : )

Andrea said...

Always entertaining Adria!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! xox

Anonymous said...

So, apparently she's more like you than you think. She just chooses to sit on the couch outside--you know, the cold, snowy one that will chap your hiney! Next time, instead of a TV, tell her to make a snow book!
~Meghan Rhoads