Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bryden! where have you been?! Hormonal hell, that's where!

Thank You loyal readers for not giving up on me. And hopefully I have some new readers after some new blog followers and some new Twitter followers. Because this blog is about to get real. Oh yes it will still be funny because it has to be funny or else there's a very good chance that Adria will not survive until she is 18 years old. Oh, who am I kidding she may not survive to make it to actually get her period.

That's right, we've embarked on the seemingly endless journey of 'tween PMS.

Now just a few things happened before this. Adria was in the band. She was playing the snare drum.


These pictures are after her first lesson.  In the second picture she is making out with her drum sticks. She was so happy. This is pretty much where the happiness ended. No practicing, skipping lessons, you know the usual. she wants to play the saxophone.  We shall see.

Now she wants to sing. And she was quite the voice!! She participated in her school's variety show. 

After has all gone down hill. I first started noticing the crying, nay, weeping, at EVERYTHING. We are out of cocoa puffs...weeping. we need to get the mail....chin trembling. Her Kindle lost its charge FULL ON BAWLING. 

Last week a conversation went like this.
A: where's my iPod?
M: I don't know. Where did you see it last? 
A: it was in my room. I didn't take it out of there. 
M: well Adria it didn't grow legs and walk away so I'm guessing it's in your room
A: grrrrrr. I HATE when you use that PHRASE!!!!! stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp *SLAM*

By the way. she found her iPod. It wasin her shoe. In her room

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