Monday, January 12, 2015

Rage Face

So, it has been about six months since my last confession...I mean blog post. Hormonal hell has not changed. In fact, it has increased...ten fold. Adria turned 11 in November and I have a full blown pre-teen on my hands. I'm not using tween. Nope. The word tween does not seem to do it justice.

11th Birthday trip in NYC

One thing I know about myself is that I have a horrible temper and I mean horrible. However, as an adult I have learned how to control it. It's an Irish thing. I know this. I also know I cannot drink whiskey or gin because I want to start fights. But, I digress.

As a hormonal pre-teen my sister used to call me "the dragon lady". She still might call me the dragon lady but she knows better than to call me the dragon lady to my face. (I love you seester). When I got mad, I did not just get mad. Oh no. I got full on RAGING mad. I can remember just seeing red and not fully being able to remember what happened. So when Adria was born I thought: Red Head, Irish, I am SCREWED. And boy was I right!!!!!!

This is when she is happy. We like happy
So begins my tale. I have been battling a stomach bug. Fortunately I haven't been throwing up but let's just say I have not been able to eat solid food in like a week. If I DO eat solid food, it goes IMMEDIATELY through me. Adria has nicknamed it my poop ghost. (Sorry, this is kind of gross). So the other evening, my ghost game to visit and I get upstairs and there is no toilet paper in the bathroom. I call for her to grab me some. I'm standing in the hallway and she comes up the stairs and instead of just grabbing the roll from downstairs, she starts a sing-songy guessing game with me.

Normally, I wouldn't mind this said guessing game. But, I'm in the hallway about to crap myself and I yelled at her. It wasn't very nice I'll admit. But man, the poop ghost was haunting me.

She gets the other roll, comes back upstairs and......

THROWS THE TOILET PAPER IN MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And proceeds to scream "There's your STUPID TOILET PAPER!".

OHMYGUHHHH YOU GUYS. I almost went full ON Madea on her. Full on Madea with GRITS. Through gritted teeth I told her to And that is when I saw it. The rage face. I don't know if I can accurately describe it. But it involves bared teeth, a red face, and imaginary steam coming out of the ears. Something like this:

Rage Face by voice of truth

After I calmed down, I went into her room and we talked and I told her that I understood. I understood the want to rip my face off. And I understood the rage, but that it was not okay to throw things at me. We hugged and she got my half of the picture she ripped in half out of the trash and hung it back up next to the half with her dad on it. Yeah, that's right.


Jan Matthew Tamaninip said...

Oy...the fun has just begun!

Mama2xboys said...

Thank GOD I don't deal with this. I swear it's a girl thing.